Thursday, September 07, 2017

Tomorrow Is Also a Day

The plan:

  • Reading Eggs. 
  • Museum with another HE family to see the Seaton Hoard (Roman coins found near here) and look for Roman cooking pots as a follow-up to the Roman honey cake we made a few weeks ago. Also find some Anglo-Saxon things in preparation for the next lot of historical cooking. 
  • Library to return some books (not overdue for once) and find new ones. 
  • Shop for ingredients for Anglo-Saxon recipes (rye bread and apricot conserve). 
  • Home to make the rye bread and conserve with appropriately educational conversation about the period.

Well, the Reading Eggs happened, though we were all tired and lacking in patience. And we did make it to the museum - half an hour late, grumpy and frazzled. Various things were looked at and played with, especially thanks to having company, but Daniel made it very clear that he had no interest at all in what we had planned and really wanted me to shut up about it. Thanks to the other mum we did see the Sealife exhibition (which I would have missed completely) and the kids were fascinated by the tank of sea urchins, star fish and prawns, and the shells and microscope in the other room. 

We had forgotten our library books so gave up on that and decided to try out a nearby chocolate cafe instead. Also gave up on shopping as it was obvious no one was in the mood for either history or cooking. Went home and chilled out with a movie instead. 

I don't know why but we were all tired and grumpy today. There was a lot of squabbling, shouting, nagging and snarling, and not even the cafe helped. 

On days like this, with no curriculum to keep up with or boxes to tick, sometimes the best thing to do is park the activity until some later date when everyone is in the mood. In hindsight, even the museum should probably have gone by the wayside today but I needed to get out and see another adult! 

So we will save the Anglo-Saxon cooking experiments for a better day rather than wasting an interesting and fun activity by doing it when no one feels like it. 

Let's see what tomorrow brings!



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