Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The beginning of the end!

1 assignment (on time)
1 exam (Simultaneous Translation)

Still to go
1 oral exam (German)
1 presentation (Music Therapy)
3 written exams (Translation, German Text, 19th Century Song)

The Simultaneous Translation exam went surprisingly well, with a text about a down-at-heel industrial town in eastern Germany near the Polish border. The exam is only worth 5% of the double unit, but it's still nice to know I didn't completely mess it up. My next exam (the other German oral) is tomorrow, so I'm busy reading (or rather, writing this blog entry to avoid reading) about the declining birthrate in Germany, upon which topic I have to deliver pearls of wisdom for approximately 8 minutes. Thrilling stuff, as I'm sure you can imagine.
After that, I have to write up my Music Therapy case study before the weekend so that I can make it into a 15-minute presentation in time for 9am on Tuesday. Eminently do-able, with the rather large proviso that I actually concentrate on it. I have also set myself a Friday deadline for completing my MA application, which has been going well so far and now just needs an hour of my time to fill in forms. As I have an orchestra concert on Friday night, preceded by a rehearsal starting at 3.30, I'd better get moving. After I've got myself another cup of tea.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The home straight

Today my little brother became 21 years old. Happy birthday, Nick! I'll be seeing him at the weekend, despite my exams - after all, in a few years' time no-one will care what classification my degree was, but I will always remember that I made it to my brother's 21st birthday party. On the university front, today I gave in my last-but-one piece of coursework, and tomorrow I have my last ever undergraduate lecture, followed shortly afterwards by the first of my final exams.

Time for bed, methinks!