Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mud and harvests

Only a short post this evening, to get back into the swing of blogging regularly. It's been a fairly typical week or two, with a few highlights...

We had a lovely day on Monday with two other home ed families. We decided to have a ‘pyjama day’ so the kids spent lots of time playing in puddles in the garden while the mummies drank tea and knitted. There was yummy soup and apple cake at lunchtime, and nearly 4 loaves of bread, except I forgot to put them in the oven after the second proving! It was a perfect Monday, as Daniel could play with friends he knows well, run off steam and get lots of fresh air, and I had a break and some adult conversation. As we all observed in the afternoon, this is how it should be when you’re a full-time parent – communal living, rather than having to cope in isolation.

In other news, Daniel has discovered the joy of hats… 

…and glue!

We have cleared the veg patch and harvested 6 pumpkins from one plant, a stray courgette I’d missed, a small handful of carrots and another butternut squash. The leeks are going strong, and when I’ve dug the bed over I’ll plant onions and garlic for the winter. When Daniel saw me pulling up plants with my hands he ran off to fetch a trowel so he could help.

Forest School last week was largely taken up by exploring the swamp! It’s the first time Daniel has really discovered mud and he had a wonderful time splashing around. At the weekend we went to a one-off family session (so dh could join us for once, which was lovely) and there was more mud-paddling, along with sawing and fire-lighting. At least we have a utility room where I can sluice down the waterproofs! He’s also suddenly started walking long distances instead of demanding to go in the wrap. It’s lovely wandering along with him holding his hand and chatting to him about what we see – slower, admittedly, but nice to watch him becoming more independent.

I have a few posts cooking which I hope to finish soon. My laptop now has a new battery so is portable for the first time in years! There is lots in the pipeline with my Cued Speech work, some observations from my research into bilingualism and application of it with Daniel, and a variety of other things. So with that said, I’m off to get some work done. Night night!