Monday, January 03, 2011

Last Day of Freedom

The holidays are officially over. I taught an hour and a half of German this evening, and tomorrow I revert to horribly early starts to get to school on Dartmoor. It’s a fairly easy drive, but long, and recent experience has not made me love it; before Christmas, in the last week of term I hit a buzzard while travelling at (ahem) 70mph, which wrote off my windscreen and took £75 excess for a new one plus 2 days’ car hire. At the end of the week we had a raging blizzard and I only got halfway before I had to turn back. On the up-side, tomorrow is a non-pupil day.

I celebrated the last day in style. My iPhone was playing up so for the second day in a row I had to spend two hours at the Genius Bar in the Apple store. It doesn’t inspire confidence when all that the most knowledgeable ‘genius’ can come up with is “it’s impossible for it to be doing that, but it’s doing it anyway.” We got it fixed in the end, though, and I proceeded to go on one of the most expensive shopping sprees I ever remember having. Some things are going back, but I got some nice things in sales that will be perfect for work, and these, which I’m in love with:

The colours are a bit odd on here, but they're slightly aged-looking black leather. I gave them a trial run round the house this evening and I may need to get some insoles as they're by far the highest heels I've ever had for normal wear, but they do look good with long skirts.

The last pair of shoes I bought were for my birthday last January, so I reckon I can justify these. Not so sure about the skirt, blouse, 4 t-shirts and two cardigans, though…ah well, the cardigans are going back, so they don’t count, and the t-shirts were dirt cheap. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

In the next couple of days I'm going to post on my current knitting projects so I can start keeping track of them. I want to get some good photos of them and I think that's more likely during daylight. In the meantime, I have a staff meeting at 9am and I want to arrive a bit early, so it's high time I was in bed. Being tired and grouchy on the first day of term does not endear you to other people!